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January 2012 Design Issues
Human-centred design as a fragile encounter
Marc Steen
Nov-Dec 2011 ACM Digital Library
Creating Personalized Memories from Social Events: Community-Based Support for Multi-Camera Recordings of School Concerts
Guimarães, R. L., Cesar, P., Bulterman, D. C. A., Zsombori, V. and Kegel, I.
October 2011 Design Issues
Co-design as a process of joint inquiry
Marc Steen
October 2011 International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
The role of scenarios and demonstrators in promoting shared understanding in innovation projects
Marc Steen
October 2011 Design Studies
Values Matter: Exploring Designers' and Users' Values
Marc Steen
IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 31, 4 (2012), 63-72
September 2011 NEM Summit 2011
Understanding Social TV: a survey
July 2011 IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
Beyond the Playlist: Seamless Playback of Structured Video Clips
Bo Gao
June 2011 ACM Digital Library
Automatic Generation of Video Narratives from Shared UGC
Vilmos Zsombori, Dick Bultermann, Ian Kegel, Marian Ursu, Michael Frantzis, Pable Cesar, Rodrigo Laiola Guimaraes, Roland Craigie
June 2011 ACM Digital Library
Accurate and low-delay seeking within and across mash-ups of highly-compressed videos
Bo Gao, Jack Jansen, Pablo Cesar, Dick C.A. Bulterman
June 2011 CoDesign
Tensions in human-centred design
Marc Steen
2011 International Journal of Design
Benefits of Co-design in Service Design Projects
Marc Steen, Menno Manschot, Nicole De Koning
2011 International Journal on Role-Playing
Creativity Rules
Karl Bergström
December 2011 Microelectronic Systems, Springer Verlag
High-Definition Audio for Group-to-Group Communication
Nikolaus Färber
August 2011 Elsevier Signal Processing: Image Communication
From IPTV to Synchronous Shared Experiences: Challenges in Design: Distributed Media Synchronization
Ishan Vaishnavi
August 2011 IEEE Transactions on Multimedia
Enabling Composition-Based Video-Conferencing for the Home
Jack Jansen
June 2011 Anytime, anywhere, on the air Viewfinder 83, published in June 2011 by the BUFVC (homepage
Michael Frantzis, Doug Williams, Peter Stollenmayer
December 2010 Telematics and informatics Special issue on Digital Television
Video mediated social interaction between groups: design guidelines and technology challenges
Doug Williams find/journaldescription.cws_home/703/ description#description
November 2009 Eurescom Message 3/2009, Cover theme on "The networked home of the future"
Peter Stollenmayer, Doug Williams
November 2009 Book chapter "Mobile TV: Customizing Content and Experience"
Pablo Cesar, CWI information+systems/book/ 978-1-84882-700-4
September 2009 "The Evolution of TV Systems, Content, and Users Towards Interactivity".
Journal article in Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction.
Pablo Cesar, CWI
July 2009 "Fragment, Tag, Enrich, and Send: Enhancing the Social Sharing of Videos".
Article in TOMCCAP
Pablo Cesar, CWI citation.cfm?doid=1556134.1556136
July 2009 "Leveraging user impact: an architecture for secondary screens usage in interactive television"
Article in Multimedia Systems Journal
Pablo Cesar, CWI 4l17007214988491/
July 2009 "SMIL State: an architecture and implementation for adaptive time-based web applications"
Article in Multimedia Tools and Applications
Jack Jansen, CWI 7772707226588243/
May 2009 Social Interactive Television: Immersive Shared Experiences and Perspectives
Book published by IGI Global Publishing
Edited by Pablo Cesar, CWI details.asp?ID=33443
15 April 2009 Media Fragments URI 1.0, W3C
This document describes use cases and requirements for the development of the Media Fragments 1.0 specification. It also specifies the syntax for constructing media fragment URIs and explains how to handle them when used over the HTTP protocol. It finally includes a technology survey for addressing fragments of multimedia document.
Jack Jansen, CWI WD-media-frags-reqs-20090430
December 2008 W3C published the 3rd version of its standard for interactive multimedia presentations, SMIL 3.0. The "Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language" allows video, images, text, and hypertext links to be combined into interactive presentations, with fine-grain control of layout and timing.
Full press release and testimonials can be found at: 12/smil3-pressrelease.html
2 December 2008 "Interactive Documentaries: A Golden Age"
Article in ACM Computers in Entertainment
Marian Ursu, Goldsmiths, University of London
1 December 2008 International Recommendation (Standard) W3C "SMIL 3.0"
November 2008 "Flexible Multimedia for Web, Mobile Devices and Daisy Talking Books"
SMIL 3.0 Book
Dick C.A. Bulterman and Lloyd Rutledge
Published November 2008, 536 p. 146 figs., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-540-78546-0
November 2008 The AMBULANT Open SMIL Player - an open-source media player with support for SMIL 3.0. AMBULANT is intended for researchers and developers who want an source-code player upon which they can build higher-level systems solutions for authoring and content integration, or within which they can add new or extended support for networking and media transport components. Ambulant/distPlayer.html
30 October 2008  "Metadata-driven interactive web video assembly"
Journal article in Multimedia Tools and Applications:
Rene Kaiser, Michael Hausenblas, Joanneum Research content/gl1g2904228u62g1/
1 October 2008 "Interactive TV Narratives: Opportunities, Progress and Challenges"
Book article in ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP):
Marian Ursu, Goldsmiths, University of London
6-7 December 2007 "ACM Computers in Entertainment"
What will multimedia in the digital home look like in 5 years' time (pdf and video)
Ian Kegel, BT citation.cfm?doid=13508 43.1350845
6-7 December 2007 "ACM Computers in Entertainment"
Paper on social television and user interaction (pdf)
Pablo Cesar, CWI (Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica) doid=1350843.1350847

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