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TA2 seminar in Heidelberg, 20 May 2009 (click to enlarge)






Managing ICT projects in FP7 -
  Best practices from TA2

    Training seminar
    Heidelberg, Germany, 20 May 2009

On 20 May 2009, the TA2 project held a training seminar at the Eurescom premises in Heidelberg on Managing ICT projects in FP7.
The success of ICT projects depends to a large extent on good management. The project management quality significantly impacts the overall performance - from the proposal phase to implementation and exploitation.
This training seminar aimed to exchange best practices in the management of ICT research projects in FP7, in order to achieve better project management. The contributions reflect practical experiences from the Integrating Project TA2 and other experiences of the TA2 partners.
The discussion of best practices in each session was kicked off with a short presentation by an experienced project manager.
The target audience consisted of current and prospective coordinators and technical managers of FP7 projects interested in improving their project management performance.

Agenda and presentations

Milon Gupta
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